What is AeMi ?

AeMi is a WordPress theme. In fact, my website is running AeMi theme. It is a design and especially, I made AeMi. I am ever and ever trying to make AeMi perfect. It is a really important project for me. And I hope, you like AeMi.

Let’s introduce AeMi !

AeMi means Aesthetic Minimalism. It is a bit presumptuous but it is explicitly the goal of this theme. AeMi is intended to provide a really minimalist and aesthetic theme. But AeMi is not just visually minimalist, it is also by its architecture. It is lightweight, fast and easily maintainable.

The theme also provides a dark mode that supports dark settings from macOS and latest Safari browser. You can even toggle it if you want … or not.

Some details…

AeMi provides 2 menus and 3 widgets areas including a sidebar, an overlay menu and widget area, a footer widget area and a footer menu. Aemi also provides a card-like post grid and a bunch of rounded corners for other UI elements.

AeMi is ever being improved and I assume that it is not perfect. Don’t hesitate to tell me more about that.